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Saferoad tracking platform

The Saferoad tracking platform is an easy to use platform with advanced capabilities that allows you to control your fleets from the comfort of your office and helps you in making better informed business decisions.

Astrolabe Series

A next generation 4G Astrolabe smart IOT device designed by Saferoad in Saudi Arabia with specifications that cater to the Middle East market. Specialized in light vehicle fleet management and driving behavior monitoring.


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Case Study

Driving Enhancement Program

Developed by Saferoad and implemented through IoT-connected devices, DEP monitors driver behavior and detects over-speeding, excessive acceleration, harsh braking, fatigued driving, and sharp turns. DEP is developed in line with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, which aims to transform the Kingdom with smart cities and achieve a 3.38 score on the Logistics Performance Index by 2025. As of now, Saferoad is the only provider of DEP in the Kingdom.